Natur und Erholung seit 1637

The Rottensteiner family

The Steidacher property was here before the word tourism was invented. Four generations of the Rottensteiner family have farmed the property since 1924, and since 2022 Daniel has been the young farmer. Already in 1997 the cattle farm was turned over to apples and later also to cherries. It has always important to us to protect the treasures of Nature with the quality of our work so that they can be enjoyed with pleasure.

That is what we stand for.

Nature and us

The view from 800 metres above sea level, the scents and the tastes are important to all of us here that belong to the family: Josef and Angelika, Daniel, Gloria, Melinda and Madleen, and also the dogs Lilly and Molly.

Greece is beautiful too, but whoever has once tasted the combination of fruitful nature, the Dolomite panorama and the serentiy of South Tyrol, will always come back.

Gloria Rottensteiner