Natur und Erholung seit 1637

How one feels among all the greenery

Should one lie under the cherry blossom or climb the mountain?  We do not want to insist on what is better for you. Either way fits into the atmosphere of the Steidacherhof: activity or doing nothing, ambition or „laissez faire“, the view from a distance or the view close up.

an apartment
an apartment

A deluxe
picnic basket

Where the delicacies of nature actually grow is the best place to take advantage of them. Stroll, hike or slumber your way through the orchards and vineyards. At least we know that you will not go hungry.

Enjoing yourself is the most important thing

When an area is as varied as the Ritten, so is the definition of what you enjoy. Certainly good food and drink are always part of it.

Wine grapes are among the oldest cultivated plants in the world. I see it as a kind of responsibility to bring out the best possible taste.

Daniel Rottensteiner